Murder in a Maxi: Randy Tshilumba appeals

Photo: Catherine Legault Duty
The 21 year-old man, sentenced to life in prison, wishes to invalidate the sentence imposed by the judge Hélène Di Salvo.

Randy Tshilumba, who was convicted of the premeditated murder of Mercy Beaulieu-Patry in a supermarket Maxi in Montreal, is the verdict on appeal.

Photo: SPVM
Randy Tshilumba

Sentenced to life in prison, the 21 year-old man wishes to invalidate the sentence imposed by the judge Hélène Di Salvo. He asked to be declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder.


“The jury there returned a verdict unreasonable, particularly because the conclusions have not been contested and set out by two experts in forensic psychiatric as to the mental condition of the appellant at the time of the events ?” raises his lawyer, ms. Julie Giroux, in his notice of appeal.


On April 10, 2016, Mr. Tshilumba was made with a knife, at the supermarket, Max worked on Clemency Beaulieu-Patry.


The young woman was stabbed her 14 times while she folded over the clothes in the section for children’s clothing to the grocery store. Mr. Tshilumba had fled and had taken refuge for hours in the washroom of a Tim Hortons coffee, near the scene of the crime.


During the trial, the defence argued the fact that Mr. Tshilumba was plunged into a delirium when he killed Mercy Beaulieu-Patry, and that he was incapable of distinguishing between good and evil. The Crown had, however, managed to convince the jury, that, on the contrary, Mr. Tshilumba was not only aware of the act that he was committing, but that he had even planned. Before the tragedy, Mr. Tshilumba was visited on three occasions at the supermarket. The evening of the murder, he had spare clothes in his backpack.

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