Murder-Nova Scotia : Carey Price comforts two young supporters who have lost their parents

Tuerie en Nouvelle-Écosse : Carey Price réconforte deux jeunes partisans qui ont perdu leurs parents

The keeper of the Montreal canadiens ‘ Carey Price has comforted others many times over the years and he has again showed his great compassion recently, this time in respect of two boys who lost their parents during the shooting, which occurred in Nova Scotia, a tragedy that has claimed more than two dozen dead in April.

Greg and Jamie Blair are among the 22 people who fell under the bullets of the shooter. Her four children have been plunged into mourning, the two youngest, Alex, and Jack, aged respectively 11 and 10 years old. However, the famous number 31 has been touched by this sad story and was shown in a video released on social networks by the elder brother of the two brothers, Tyler, 27 years.

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Hey @cp0031, just want you to know how much this meant to my 2 little brothers. They are still in shock you said their names. You are an amazing person! And the best goaltender in the world just to top things off. #nhl #montrealcanadiens #careyprice

A publication shared by Tyler Blair (@tblair2293) May 5, 2020 at 2 :26 pm PDT

“I just want you to know that you are not alone. I think of you and you have multiple people in your life who care deeply about you,” said Price through the remarks which have been posted on the official website of the Habs on Thursday.

“You can and you will succeed to pass through this thanks to the character that you have received from your parents, has also expressed the goalkeeper. I wish you he best for the future.”


Price has obviously restored the smile to his young interlocutors, who live near Truro in the company of their eldest brother, his wife and their daughter. Montreal is also very loved by the family Blair, because the father has already taken his kids to see a few games in the quebec metropolis. Also, the star of the Canadian is the idol of Alex Blair, a young keeper who was certainly amazed to have the right words of appreciation of his model.

“They did not believe that it was real, at first. They still have trouble believing it, said Tyler Blair, according to the club’s website. I don’t know if it can be put into words [in our response]. My little brothers are going to remember for the rest of their life. They will always have this video they can watch when they pleased.”

Price has made the news for various acts of kindness and generosity. Among other things, it provided $ 50,000 in emergency funds to the breakfast Club in march. In February 2019, and then in June of the same year, he met a young admirer – Anderson-Whitehead – proven by the death of his mother.

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