Murder of Angela in the Vendée: life Imprisonment required against the mother, 30 years ago against the father-in-law

Illustration of an assize court. — ALLILI MOURAD/SIPA

Up to life imprisonment and a penalty of 30 years in prison, respectively, were required Thursday before the foundation of the Vendée against the mother and the father-in-law of Angela, accused of having tortured the little girl of 4 years found dead in 2014.

These sentences requested, the maximum for the crimes of ” torture and barbaric acts on a minor under 15 years of age “, but also for the murder of Angela blamed on the mother of the child, are at the height of the “extreme gravity of the facts,” said the attorney general Olivier Dubief.

They deny the facts

In an indictment incisive an hour, the magistrate pointed to the “lack of regret” and the “detachment” that has been shown for the two defendants, ” none of the two (assuming) the responsibility of his acts “, he said.

Jordane Dubois, 24, and David Pharisee, 29 years old, have denied throughout their trial, have beaten or burnt to the girl, whose body “was not only wounds, bruises, contusions, burns,” about half of the surface. The death of Angèle had been found on September 8, 2014
Saint-Georges-de-Pointindoux (Vendee), at the home of father-in-law in which the mother and the child had moved to just three weeks earlier.

“Between August 18 and September 7, 2014, they beat her when she demanded, muzzled when she was moaning, beaten when she was stealing food “, recalled the general counsel.

“Four days of horror”

“They have seen the face of Angèle cover a black mask, blisters cover the body, his body oozing. (…) They have seen but they did nothing, ” continued the magistrate. For him, more than “the tortured body of a little girl of four years, “presentation at” four days of horror “in front of the seat,” the most unbearable is to plead ignorance or carelessness “. “Angela is dead in the indifference of his tormentors “, hammered Olivier Dubief.

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Interviewed in turn on Wednesday, Jordane Dubois and David Pharisee have minimized their role, are not grateful for it that a few ” spankings “, to the ” punishment inadequate “, and shouting : “torture, this is not me “.

For the prosecution, if it is “not possible to know precisely who has done what “they” have acted in co-action : one begins the punishment, the other ends “. “They are actually co-authors and accomplices of torture and acts of barbarism, both by their action, ultra-violent only by their deprivation of care “, underlined Olivier Dubief.

The lawyers of the two accused to plead Thursday afternoon. The verdict is expected on Friday.