Muscovites will be able to observe the convergence of the full moon with Jupiter

Москвичи смогут наблюдать сближение полной Луны с Юпитером

After the full moon, Earth’s natural satellite will appear on the sky close to Jupiter. The phenomenon can be observed on 21 may, according to “Moscow 24” with reference to the Moscow planetarium.

The approach of the full moon and the gas giant can be seen from midnight to dawn over the southern horizon. The angular distance between the luminaries is less than 6-7 degrees.

Before the close approach with Jupiter – may 17-19 – Moon will visit in the constellations of Scorpio and Virgo, where it passes by the bright stars Antares and Spica. May 23 the moon will be in constellation Sagittarius, where he will meet with Saturn.

5 may, the Moscow planetarium opened astronomical season in the Park of the sky, where is the largest telescope in the capital. This season they organise observations of Jupiter, moon and Saturn.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese lunar Rover for the first time took samples of the unique rocks of the lunar mantle. Experts found them in pyroxenes and olivines. These minerals contain a lot of iron. It also became known that the crust of the moon consists mostly of light minerals of plagioclase class. The researchers believe that the discovery will shed light on the origin of the Earth and its satellite.