Muscovites will tell you how to cope with panic attacks

Москвичам расскажут, как справляться с паническими атаками

Psychiatric clinical hospital № 4 them. P. B. Gannushkina launches the project “don’t panic”, in which Moscow will host a series of free lectures. Experts will tell you how to cope with anxiety, reports of AGN “Moscow”.

Classes will be held once a month. The first is scheduled for may 14, it will start at 16:00 at the Russian state library for the youth. Lectures are focused on people who have faced panic attacks and those who wish to prevent unpleasant situations.

An attack may be triggered by overwork, stress, suppression of emotions, so it can face any resident of the metropolis.

“Our experts will tell to everyone how to recognize the symptoms of this disorder, what to do in these situations and what measures must be taken to avoid such attacks in future”, – said the press service of the Moscow health Department.

Panic attacks are accompanied by uncontrollable fear, nausea, lack of oxygen, stood sweat, palpitations.