Music and throne of flowers: the Summer garden to the 315-anniversary became an oasis of beauty

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Sergey Mineev,


The sailboat and the throne of the colors you can see in the center of St. Petersburg. There is a festival “Summer garden”. These days the Museum under the open sky, founded by Peter the great, celebrates its anniversary. The witness of historical events marks 315 years.

Today, as hundreds of years ago, here you can find Catherine II, Peter the great and the cream of St. Petersburg nobility. Initially it was accessible only by personal invitation of the king. And only in the reign of Elizabeth began to put all, but on one condition: the person should be neatly dressed. The Park held the balls and assemblies, it liked to walk around Pushkin. It also preserved oak – the same age as the founder of the city on the Neva. It is more than 350 years.

“Peter planted trees and flowers. And in 1704, when there was held the Swedish battle, there was war with the Swedes, Peter writes boyar Tikhon Streshnevo order, any flowers should bring and “maybe more koi smell.” He gave instructions on how to plant trees. One gets the impression that Peter like Forestry Academy finished”, – said the Director of Russian Museum Vladimir Gusev.

Summer garden – one of the main attractions of the city, along with the Hermitage, the Palace bridge and the Peter and Paul fortress. To celebrate her birthday he’ll be three days. All this time, it will sound the music of different epochs: from Renaissance to jazz.