Music of waves, music of wind: on the coast of Croatia has created an unusual body

Музыка волн, музыка ветра: на побережье Хорватии создали необычный орган

In Croatia, a local architect Nicola Basic of concrete structures shoreline is built on stairs. The tool length of 80 metres and play the wind and the sea. About it reports local Agency

As noted, natural-man-made structure uses wind and water of the Adriatic sea for the birth of random sounds, which are then combined into a bizarre melody.

Air and water penetrate through the holes in the bottom of the stairs, then pass through a musical mechanism forming the sounds that are pouring through the holes in the top of the steps.

Previously, the travelers do not really like the long line of concrete coastal structures. But now, tourists to the coastal authority has become one of the favorite places for walks.