Mutiny and fire in a prison in Siberia

Mutinerie et incendie dans une prison en Sibérie

The clashes between prisoners and guards were being in a prison in the Irkutsk region in eastern Siberia, where a fire was also raging on Friday, authorities have indicated.

Several of the prisoners of the penal colony number 15 of the city of Angarsk, about fifty kilometers north of Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, were broken on Thursday as surveillance cameras, attacked a guard and would have slashed his forearm, said Friday in a statement the prison service regional.

In a video released Friday by the investigative committee’s regional, you can see several buildings of the prison on fire, with huge flames and plumes of smoke rising into the night.

It is a ” criminal fire lit by prisoners. The riot continues since last night “, said the press service of the investigative committee to the agency Ria Novosti.

In a video released Thursday by the advocacy group For human rights, a prisoner claims to have been beaten and slashed his veins in protest.

An activist with the rights group Siberia without Torture, told AFP that the anti-riot police surrounded the prison, equipped with water cannons.

“Now, two colonies are further preparing for a riot “, he indicated to the AFP.

The NGO Verdict publicly stated that access to the site had been banned independent observers and lawyers because of the restrictive measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, which would check the official information.

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