Mutiny in a prison in Venezuela : the balance sheet rises to 47 dead

Mutinerie dans une prison au Venezuela : le bilan monte à 47 morts

CARACAS | A mutiny occurred on Friday in a prison in western Venezuela has killed at least 47 people dead and 75 wounded, according to a new balance sheet reported Saturday by an NGO to defend prisoners ‘ rights and a member of parliament from the opposition.

“For the moment, we have been able to confirm 47 dead and 75 wounded,” said to AFP mp Maria Beatriz Martinez, elected to the State of Portuguesa, where is located the prison.

The venezuelan Observatory of prisons has been given the same numbers, qualifying the mutiny of a ” massacre “.

According to these two sources, all the people who died were inmates of the penitentiary center Los Llanos, located in the city of Guanare.

On Saturday, the venezuelan authorities had not advanced balance encrypted.

A previous balance sheet, documented in a report, the army reported 17 dead and nine injured, on Friday evening.

According to this document, to which AFP had access, “disturbances to the public order” took place in the prison on Friday, when prisoners have broken the fences of security, delimiting the perimeter “outside the establishment,” in an attempt to escape mass “. The director of the prison was himself wounded.

A story refuted by the member of parliament Maria Beatriz Martinez. According to her, ” there has been no attempt to escape. There has been an uprising of a group of prisoners who were protesting because they had no access to food “.

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus, which is rampant also in Venezuela, the visits of the families and relatives of detainees have been drastically reduced. However, detainees are often provided with food and medicines through these visits.

The new balance sheet of the mutiny has been able to establish “through the morgue, thanks to the friends who have recognized the dead in the photos that was shown on computer,” said Carolina Lap of the venezuelan Observatory of prisons.

According to the Observatory, some 97 prisoners have died behind bars last year, of which 70 % because of diseases such as tb, lack of drugs and of care.

The venezuelan authorities claim that no case of coronavirus has been recorded in the country’s prisons.

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