Mutiny in the ranks of the “Servants of the people” depressed, but the show goes on

Мятеж в рядах «Слуг народа» подавлен, но шоу продолжается

© RIA Novosti, stringer on Thursday evening, October 24, in Ukraine continued the show with the explanation of a polygraph the truth about corruption schemes. We will remind that the head of the faction “people’s Servant” David Arakhamiya was accused by colleagues led by Deputy Alexander by Dubinsky bribery. The showdown was decided to carry out publicly during the “duel on the polygraph”.Alexander Dubinsky took a test Wednesday night, and David Arakhamiya on Thursday. On Thursday evening, both “public Servants” they agreed on the talk show “Right to rule” on the TV channel “1+1”, where at one time worked for one of them — Alexander Dubinsky.

Both the MP referred to the data of a polygraph test, even though each of the opponents said that the test results “in his favor”. “Servants of people” liked to pass the polygraph test. Dubinsky has even offered to submit a bill requiring senior officials to pass the polygraph test. His opponent Arakhamia supported this idea, for some reason, saying that she “looks sexy”. Arakhamia also said that people’s deputies from “public Servants” that are included in the Finance Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, next week (Monday 28 October) will be spent on mass transit of the polygraph.With all the controversy of the method of revealing the truth on a polygraph, Ukrainian MPs, it seems, quickly realized that so that you can easily rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the public. The polygraph is, after all, is not the investigating authorities, and the examiner interprets the recording of the reactions, too, may be the person concerned. However, even if we admit the polygraph evidence conclusive evidence, the show arranged “public Servants” live, it is impossible to recognize even a full polygraph test. A professional polygraph examiner Igor Ischuk on the transfer of “Right to rule” said that “it was a circus”. Deputies from the SN in response stated that they had to justify publicly by announcing that it was only a show.Mysterious witness

Previously, David Arakhamiya stated that he has a witness bribing MPs and promised to bring it on air of transfer of “Right to rule”. But then said that the witness can not come, as it will not be allowed on talk shows law enforcement agencies.

“A witness will not be because he was banned from law enforcement, because there are two threats. The first is data leakage, which can disrupt the investigative process, and the second is the amount of money in this scheme is very large — somewhere in the $20 million per year for seem to five years, someone has earned $100 million Is a potential threat to the Deputy and members of his family,” said Arakhamia.

Who is this mysterious witness, was unable to find even the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky, also participated in the talk show on “1+1”. Despite the fact that the questioning of this witness is the prerogative of the NABU and SAP, which has opened a case of possible bribery of MPs, David Arakhamiya said not to disclose the identity of the witness he was asked personally by the head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov during a phone call.”I called the SBU, Mr. Bakanov. He says that yesterday saw my position about the witness. I say that it can result in. He says: “Come at 13:00 with the witness”. I came with a witness, there were two investigators,” — said Arakhamia. Nazar Golodnitsky said in response that the investigation did not in the competence of the SBU and Bakanova, which are not the prosecution, asking to lead, finally, a witness to the competent authorities of the NEB or SAP. However. Holodnitsky recognizes that the prospects of the investigation of this case is very vague because of parliamentary immunity from NABU and SAP there is no way to conduct a search the deputies, nor to listen to them. Head of SAP also believes that the deputies from the “public Servants” just replace his show investigations. One gets the impression that no witness has no or David Arakhamiya received a “scolding” from the President, decided to retreat and not to wash dirty linen in public.

Dubinsky vs “sorozat”

To some extent, has made concessions and Alexander Dubinsky, saying that entirely for the abolition of corruption schemes and the electronic mediation of the Deputy-the businessman Anton Yatsenko, which became the occasion for scandal. But he, they say. wants to go even further, abolishing and estimation electronic platforms Prozorro that are at the disposal of the Ukrainian “grant”.

This initiative has expectedly caused the IRE of the Deputy from “Voices” by Alexandra Ustinova and head “grantoedskogo” Center of counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin. According to Shabunina, Dubinsky “kills good law, trying to improve it”, that is, to expand its action to other intermediaries. According to Dubinsky, the draft law, which did not vote the group of the eleven “Servants of the people”, simply involves the redirection of funds to other mediating structures. The structure of the tender Prozorro he previously called “the tender mafia” associated with “Sarasate”.

“There are two movements within the party “servant of the people”. The first is the “Sarasate” in the government who are trying to overcome all his potential opponents and critics by discrediting them. This group is conditionally included Abromavicius, Milovanov, Rashkovan, Markarova and their “sixes” in the face “activists” Leshchenko and Shabunina. The second direction relates to the first, but even with the “attendants” is Prozzoro and its founder Nefedov. Feeding with Prozzoro use the fact that the leadership of the faction is weak to think that such a public communication, and therefore assumed the charges of bribery to prevent the Committee’s consideration of the monopoly Prozzoro, which is the essence of the same tender mafia”, — said Dubinsky.During the talk show “Right to rule” opponent Dubinsky, David Arakhamiya also supported the idea of cancellation of all assessment sites as quickly as possible and in General almost not contrary to Dubinsky. To win the sympathy of the audience Dubinsky at the end skillfully straddled the social issues, promising to abolish the war tax and to increase pensions. From this we can conclude that at the moment, a revolt in the ranks of the “Servants of the people” depressed, but showdown decided not to submit to the public’s attention to the obvious displeasure of the “grant” of “Voice” and the so-called “civil society.” In General we can say that this round of control “servants of the people” won the people Igor Kolomoisky.

The scandal was transferred to the show as a joke often make some unfortunate remark. Political consultant Mikhail Podolyak considers that in the ruling team “Servants of the people,” I realized that was too big a scandal. “When a team’s reputation fell somewhere behind the lower plinth, they quickly turned it all into a traditional TV show,” says Podolyak.

In the category of show “public Servants” will transfer more than one serious question. They are well aware that this method works, but only as long as they are all “under the umbrella” promoted brand “servant of the people”, which, after all, too, initially was nothing more than an entertaining TV series.Dmitry Kovalevich

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