My life in films – Domenic Di Rosa: of Christmas films with the children!

Ma vie en films - Domenic Di Rosa: des films de Noël avec les enfants!

The actor Domenic Di Rosa, recently seen in the film Mafia Inc. of Podz, spends his days “alone” at home with his family. But he did not forget his passion for the cinema that he shared on the phone…

Domenic, what is your first memory of a movie theater?

It was in 1988. I was going to school and it was December. We were at the Montreal Eaton Centre. It was a cartoon…

And your first film scoring?

It is Rocky that I was truly affected. I saw the house in 1985 on cassette Beta! You remember Beta? Rocky, a film of courage, that of an unknown to be determined, but that there is nothing to stop them. I still look at from time to time.

You have played in The loup-garou du campus, The last chapter or even Stardom. When did you know you wanted to become an actor?

I’ve always loved to make “jokes”, laugh with my sisters… In high school, we did plays and that’s really where I loved to be a comedian. It is a pleasure to the other. The pretend and imagine, to do as a child, is something that follows us our whole life. I can play any role; doctor, police officer…

How do you and your children at this time?

The four are at home, that’s for sure. We are on the internet, we play games, we do karaoke. We also make the pizza… the “beach body”, we can forget it! At the level of the films, they love the action movies like “jurassic park”, we look at classic animation like the Looney Tunes. The original the war of The tuques is also a classic. And of course, my kids love Christmas movies, then we will also look at films of Christmas at this time!

A film that has you distressed, child?

It by Stephen King. I saw it by accident when I was five or six years. There has also been the music video for Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Your first “kick” on the big screen?

It was Michael Keaton in Batman. It was something to see! Jack Nicholson Joker was too… It was crazy to see it on the big screen! I still remember the moment I walked out of the cinema [after the screening].

The film music that has rocked your teenage years?

Of course, the music for the Godfather [the grandparents sicilian Domenic arrived in Quebec in 1954, editor’s NOTE]. Otherwise, Grease and old “tunes”.

The movie everyone should have seen?

There are two: E. T. the extraterrestrial and jaws. For me, E. T. the extraterrestrial is a classic number one. Young, old, all the world can see it.

Is there a movie or a universe of a film in which you would like to live in?

I am an “old soul”, as they say. The movie goodfellas that takes place in the 1960s and 1970s. I love this time; the “chariots”, the clothes, the music… It is one of those movies that I have watched. I am also a fan of Martin Scorsese. I love the Cadillac… I’m not a gangster, but I love this time. If I could go back in time, it is this period that I would choose. I believe that life was more simple…

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