“My son”: “This is the case-mouth as the role” – Antoine L’écuyer

«Mon fils»: «C’est casse-gueule comme rôle» – Antoine L’Écuyer

In reading the scenario of the series My son, in which he plays brilliantly Jacob, a young man who learns that he is schizophrenic, Antoine L’écuyer knew from the outset that this role upsetting was going to have an impact on his career. But the proposal was double-edged.

“It is case-mouth like the role, he confides to the other end of the wire. If this was not played as it should, if it fell in the cartoon, I knew it would have a negative impact on my career. But if it succeeded, I knew that there would be a big impact also.”

We can say that it has passed the upper-hand. Since the posting of My son on Club illico last week, the praise raining down on his performance as an actor. He plays Jacob, a young man from a wealthy family, whose parents (Élise Guilbault and Patrice Godin) are separated, and leads the normal life of a boy of his age before being turned upside-down by a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

If it is full screen, among others, it is because he has done his homework. He prepared intensively for two months, practically every day before filming, to get to play psychotic episodes the righteous, who would not fall in the caricature.

Helped by a psychiatrist

His research work is done with the help of the psychiatrist Pierre Lalonde. “I watched documentaries about schizophrenia and read a lot of testimonials of people themselves schizophrenic, or their relatives, their parents. I’ve read a lot of things that have been done in France, where this disease is more documented”, he explains.

Antoine L’écuyer has also listened to simulations audio of voices that the schizophrenic can hear. “In the scenes of psychosis, it has helped me tremendously. But at some point, I stopped listening to it. Was it a little rushant, “said the one in the series hears and sees wolves in his hallucinations.

Elsewhere, Antoine L’écuyer has been known to play the scenes more intense, including those that take place in the psychiatric hospital, from the first days of filming.

“It was scary at the beginning of play scenes, so intense early on, but it has been beneficial to the final,” he said. There are three Jacob in the series : the beginning, the one by frenzy and the other, which is better. And I found everything on how to play in three Jacob. It has been a jump in the vacuum paying.”

Roles dark

This is when he was five years old, Antoine L’écuyer has had the taste, too, to enter in the small black box where he saw his grand-father, Guy L’écuyer, known for having played in Franfreluche.

“But my mother didn’t know where to start, it was a dream like any other. She said that I would surely want to be a fireman one day, like the others,” he notes, laughing.

It is going to consult a professor of diction, because he had disorders of language, that everything is set in motion. “She introduced me to her agent, and it then became mine.”

He obtained his first role at age nine in the film It’s not me, I swear it, Philippe Falardeau. “After that, everything fell down. I don’t know if it was I who chose the profession, or [if it is] the profession that chose me,” said humbly the young man, as we also saw in The guard, where he was in the heart of a relationship father-son memories. As is the case in My son, he was often assigned roles more dark.

“It’s fun, for an actor, playing roles like that,” he said. But I’m really open to proposals. For the moment, I am free to choose my projects. I’d like to maybe play it in English one day. As long as I’m going to be able to do this job-there freely, I’ll be happy.”

My son is released on Club illico.

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