Myron Markevych: Waiting for the national team of Ukraine at least the quarter-finals of Euro

Мирон Маркевич: Жду от сборной Украины минимум четвертьфинала Евро

– Myron Bohdanovych, many criticize the level of domestic football competitions, however, “Shakhtar”, “Dynamo” and “Alexandria” are in the group rounds of the Champions League and Europa League, and three teams of Ukraine in the end of the year achieved excellent results. Maybe not so bad?
– To a certain extent you are right. But still, would like to see in the Premier League the level of play was higher. The paradox, but at the same time, the picture that we see, suggests that Ukraine, as before, among the best football countries of the Old world.

Now all of our clubs have a chance to reach the playoffs of the European tournaments. Dynamo should get out of the group of the Europa League with all hands. Look at the “Shakhtar” – two draws with Dinamo Zagreb a reduced chance of Donetsk. However, as before, depends on the miners. Alexandria showed himself on the background of such strong rivals as “Wolfsburg”, “Gent” and “Saint-Etienne”. Remembering the matches of the team of Vladimir Sharan in the first four rounds, there is reason to believe that the Alexandrians can win in the remaining two matches and qualify for the knockout stages of the Europa League. I wish them heartily.

But the most important, of course, is the result of the performance of the main national team in qualifying tournament of Euro-2020. Well done! Blue and yellow not only made it to the final of the continental championship, but did it even with first place in their group. The team of Andriy Shevchenko showed decent football.

– Do you like it?
Yes. All on ball control. Now all the football viewers want to see the show. I believe that now the national team of Ukraine fails to please his fans.

– We can say that at the moment, the Ukrainian team was among the top teams in Europe?
– I still would have refrained from forecasts. It will be possible to speak after the finals of the European championship. But what this team over the last year has made a big step forward, it is a fact.

– How far, in your opinion, can enter the national team of Ukraine in the final of Euro?
– I expect at least the quarter-finals (smiles). And there the card will fall.

Youth national team of Ukraine will be difficult to break through in final part Euro-21?
– We’ll see. Like the guys are trying, visible handwriting of this team, but no result. But I, as before, sure of Ruslan rotan will make a good coach.

Difficult to lead the team to a common denominator, when the composition is fully formed just before the official matches. Moreover, the guys who came out of the national team U-20 played a bit different football. In the youth team and more importantly, who in the future may join the ranks of the main team of the country.

– Applicants have?
– I think that Denis Popov is seriously knocking at the door. Recently a good football shows Roman vantuh.

– All note Ledneva …
– It is clear that Bogdan is now in good shape, but if it is less streaks on the hands, it would have been even greater. And in the game with the Danish midfielder is not convinced …

– Teams U-19 and U-17 deserve good things?
– Of course. The team of Andriy Shevchenko, the team of Oleg Kuznetsov and Alexander Petrakova won their qualifying rounds. Good teams and Vladimir Yezerskiy (U-18) and Sergei Nagorniak (U-16), so the future of Ukrainian football, I am optimistic.

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