Mystery of the baptismal water

On Baptism can get rid of illnesses and improve health.

Розкрита таємниця хрещенської води

The feast of the Baptism of the Lord precedes the so-called Epiphany Eve, which is celebrated on January 18. This day in all Orthodox will be a festive service, and then the Great blessing of the water, informs Rus.Media.

A believer is recommended to stand in this day of strict fasting to prepare the soul and body to a great holiday.

Baptism is known to be associated with the baptism of Jesus and therefore the water on this day is of special importance. It is considered healing and Holy. Moreover, we are talking about water in rivers and wells and even in the faucets.

It’s hard to believe, but even scientists have confirmed that water Baptism is special. Specialists in human ecology found that on this day all water on the planet changes its properties. Scientists attribute this to the position of the Earth, which in the night of January 19, falls into the “zone”, where the strong influence of the external stream of particles. It is scientifically proven that the water becomes softer. Moreover, these properties persist for a long time, the main thing to pour water into a clean container and isolate, that is, to close the lid or stopper. Scientists have even calculated the time when this happens. Our time is from about 20: 00 on 18 January and noon on January 19. And this, as you know, is the time when the Orthodox believe that all water becomes Holy.

There is another study scientists tried to figure out how the water responds to prayer. It turned out that after the Church rites and immersion of the silver cross in the water, it becomes soft and it disappear almost all contaminants and bacteria. This easily explains the fact that Epiphany and sacred in the Church the water may be stored a year and in contrast to the usual, not sour, not spoiled and no sediment.