“Mythomania” – Soul

Photo: Justine Latour
Defending the role of a woman is lonely, Livia Sassoli, the muse of the director, manages to draw its pin from the play.

After Peep Show, a solo that evoked the pornography on the Internet, and then the Heroine(s), a trio on the addiction to the drug, Nicolas Berzi is back at the Chapel with Mythomania, an object stage for the least confusing about the ” current changes in our love relationships in the age of encounter and socialization of digital and new behaviors mythomanes which derive from it “.


Far from being lightened, the important shortcomings in the previous show of the transdisciplinary company, Artist Unknown, are here compounded. We always explain that the creator can tackle a topic at this point broad and complex — love in the Twenty-first century ! — so sadly superficial. To say that the drama is half-starved is an understatement, but more unbearable still is the poetry cutesy in which the representation is embedded, not to speak of the written mythological or scientific, which are simply plated here and there. Was it really highlights the legend exhausted souls sisters separated as halves of an orange ? And what is this theory of fusion of the photons illuminates the relationships of human beings ?


The representation is true to say of the event, but certainly not of those whose fate grew up. To feed the torment, there are the notes of a piano and some of the songs poussifs, but especially the electroacoustic music of Blaise Émard and the video projection by Jean-François Boisvenue, both of speech of a trite confusing, layers that are superimposed in vain, giving rise to a show erratic, troubled by the redundancy, and lacking in rhythm.


In such a galley, defending the role of a woman is lonely, a lost soul, Livia Sassoli, the muse of the director, manages to draw its pin from the play. In a device scenographic much less rich and surprising as that of Heroin(s), a large cube which contains a smaller one, the actress goes from the piano to the wedding dress, manipulates the different projection surfaces, delivers his text with as much conviction towards the room towards the camera. Unfortunately, this is not enough to leave the viewer of the torpor in which the work has already been irretrievably immersed.


Written and directed by : Nicolas Berzi. A production of Unknown Artist. At the Chapel until the 25th of November.

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