Myths about the useful properties of strawberries

Мифы о полезный свойствах клубники

Strawberry has many useful properties, it is possible to hear very often. However, this berry is credited with properties which it in reality does not possess.

In particular, it is argued that the strawberry contains acetylsalicylic acid, and it therefore differs antipyretic properties, and can take the heat, get rid of the headache. However, this is not so, as a part of strawberry berry acetylsalicylic acid is absent. Accordingly,the above-mentioned properties of strawberries credited in vain.

Also useful to know that the strawberry is more useful to use it as such, and with a fat – containing product with the same cream. In strawberries contains beta-carotene, Pro-vitamin produced by the body from plant foods and is a powerful antioxidant. Part of this substance in the process of digestion is converted into vitamin a, along with fats from dairy products beta-carotene of strawberries will be absorbed much better.

Few people know that strawberry is an effective aphrodisiac – stimulating effect has a lovely scent of berries. To use strawberries along with honey nut sexologists recommend in the form of a romantic dinner.

In addition, strawberries relieves stress. Doctors recommend deeply inhale the aroma of ripe berries. So you can dry those berries, and the leaves or flowers of plants, they can be used as a means to relieve nervous tension during the winter. From flowers and leaves to that produced sachet, and dried berries can be added in tea.



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