NACP will appeal to the Prosecutor in connection with a possible illegal use by employees of the register-declarations – Novak

НАПК обратится в прокуратуру в связи с возможным незаконным использованием сотрудниками реестра е-деклараций, - Новак

The national Agency for prevention of corruption (NACP) will appeal to the Prosecutor in connection with the facts of unauthorized intervention Agency staff in the register of declarations.

On Wednesday during a public discussion “the Implementation by Parliament of the anti-corruption agenda,” the acting head of the NACP Natalia Novak said earlier that the Agency had “the principle of subjectivity to pull out of certain declarants, for political reasons, to ignore those who don’t need to check”.

“Now we are preparing materials for opening a criminal case about the possibility of unauthorized use of personal data” – said Novak.

According to her, there must be clear rules for inspections Declaration and each declarant “must be confident that its data will not appear in the public use.”

Also, as noted by Nowak, has repeatedly violated the terms of audits of declarations.

Reporters the head of NACP said that the appeal to the Prosecutor’s office it would be about a possible intervention, as some employees NACP can not explain what purpose they had entered into the registry.

“Since we are not law enforcement and investigative authority, we appeal to the Prosecutor, and the Prosecutor’s office is likely to open criminal proceedings, conduct investigations and establish whether there was an unlawful interference in the registers… we have reports that some managers instructed employees, who in turn instructed other employees to enter the register of declarations, in order to see that those who have and then don’t know how they used the data,” she added.

As for the situation with the opening declarations of the military prosecutors and the SBU, the acting head of CDD explained that open access would be there.

“Declaration of military Prosecutor’s office (employees) almost all opened, at the SBU – law open, closed only to those who work in intelligence, classified, but this category (declarants) will not be in the public domain,” she explained.

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