Naftogaz has predicted prices with zero transit

Нафтогаз спрогнозировал цены при нулевом транзите

Photo: AP/Gas can rise by almost half with zero transit

Without gas transit tariffs for gas in Ukraine can jump to almost 11 thousand per thousand cubic meters without VAT and services of the gas companies.

In the event of termination of transit of gas from 1 January 2020 the price can reach 10 751 UAH per thousand cubic meters without VAT and tariffs for transportation and distribution. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry with reference to the forecast of Naftogaz.”If we do not receive a contract for gas transportation, there can be significant price fluctuations in the market”, – said the Minister of energy Alexey Orzhel.

The energy Ministry reminded that from 1 January, consumers can choose the option of a guaranteed fixed gas price, which will be charged automatically and will amount to 6600 UAH per thousand cubic meters (without VAT and transportation cost).

At the same time specify that in accordance with the November rates, the cost of gas in the quarter to end-consumers on average may be about 8000 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

“The final price for gas will be adjusted depending on the prices on distribution and transportation of natural gas, which is different in every region,” – noted in the Ministry of energy.

Earlier it was announced the gas price for the population in January – 5.5 UAH per cubic meter.

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