Named a little-known signs of deteriorating mental health

Названы малоизвестные признаки ухудшения психического здоровья

Little-known signs of deterioration in mental health called Western scientists. According to the researchers, the symptoms in question, at first glance seem harmless, but they indicate that the person needs to urgently consult a doctor.

Названы малоизвестные признаки ухудшения психического здоровья

Diseases of mental character is quite difficult to be diagnosed and worse yet are treatable. From many obvious signs of mental disorder people are usually dismissive and unwilling to acknowledge the deterioration of his condition. Moreover, some deliberately hiding a health problem, so to understand what happens to a person, sometimes easier that others. The most obvious symptom of the development of mental illness is fatigue and a constant desire to sleep. These signs indicate the development of depression. Fatigue for no apparent reason usually occurs on the backdrop of lack of dopamine and serotonin and indicates the need for urgency in treatment. Another important symptom is the separation from family and friends. Mentally ill people prefer to communicate and how much time to spend alone. Patients usually react negatively to the willingness to help offered by the environment.

An eating disorder is also included in the list of signs of deterioration of mental health. Patients either refuse to eat or drink portions in two or even three times more than previously. Which is why it is important to pay attention to what is mentioned to family members when considering inpatient eating disorder treatment. In addition, cheerleaders must loss of interest in activities and an acute shortage of energy. You should also pay attention to sudden mood swings, which often indicate problems with the psyche.

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