Named a way to reverse signs of aging

Назван способ повернуть старение вспять

At the scientific Congress of the European society of cardiology presented a report, the basic idea of which was: how to preserve youth and to normalize the pressure. The author of the study Dr. Anish Bhuva claims to reverse signs of aging helps marathon, according to the portal .

The expert explained that the novices who were preparing for the race for six months and took part in it, the biological age of arteries fell back to four years ago, and the risk of stroke decreased on average by 10%. This is comparable to the effect of the medication

The doctor took the data of 139 healthy marathon runners aged 21 to 69 years. All of these people were novice runners and took part in the London marathon in 2016 or 2017.

Before the start of training and two weeks after the competition they all underwent MRI and ultrasound of the heart and blood vessels, the fitness tests, they measured the pressure. Also was calculated the index of aortic stiffness, which determines the biological age of the organism.

As it turned out, after the marathon, this figure has declined substantially. At the same time, age of participants, the figure was even better than the young. Weight or body mass index has not changed significantly.

Marathon runners are not only good shape but also will. Previously, MIR 24 reported to the British athlete Hayley Carruthers, who never ran to the finish line at the marathon in London just a few meters. She fell to the ground, but not stopped, and the remaining distance to come crawling.