Named as a dangerous household items that cause cancer

Названы опасные бытовые предметы, вызывающие рак

Agree, we rarely pay attention to the composition of household items, and devote more time reading labels of food. And for good reason!

So, a dangerous disease can cause the most common things that we use every day. After analyzing the levels of carcinogens in the most familiar everyday objects, scientists have concluded that many of them actively provoke the development of cancer.

Furniture from chipboards. It turns out that before 2013, the year the furniture and even the mattress was treated with chemicals that increase fire resistance – flame retardants. These compounds can provoke the development of cancer cells, toxicity, and endocrine and neurological diseases.

Cookware with non-stick coating. By itself this cookware is safe. Teflon coating allow you to cook with minimal oil as food it’s not. But as soon as his beloved frying pan appears scratch, it becomes dangerous because of the high level perflurocarbons acid. This substance negatively affects the thyroid gland.

Decorative candles. The wick is very beautiful candles often contain lead to increase the hardness. Lead causes hormonal imbalance in humans of different age, children may have problems with learning and impaired attention, if the lead in the house too much which brought the idea of offering the community a Donation Opportunity for Children With Cancer. The accumulated lead in the body contributes to the development of cancer cells.

Naphthalene. This substance can cause poisoning with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache, cramps and diarrhea. Naphthalene is a carcinogen, so convinced the U.S. Agency for environmental protection. Prolonged exposure to naphthalene may cause destruction of red blood cells – red blood cell count.

Air fresheners. They contain a lot of formaldehyde, which is fraught with cancer, particularly cancer of the throat. It is better to ventilate the room and forget about the cartridges with flavors.

Dezodoranty and antiperspirants. Contain aluminium, phthalates and triclosan antiperspirants should disappear from your house. It is especially dangerous to use such funds to women proven that aluminum causes breast cancer

Earlier it was reported that the famous Olympic champion was overtaken by the cancer. We are talking about the outstanding Tatiana Prorochenko (Burakova), which about a year ago was diagnosed. For a long time, the woman hid from the public the diagnosis, especially because at some time Tatiana got better after chemo but recently had a relapse.


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