Named as the main causes of sudden weight loss

Названы основные причины резкой потери веса

The doctors explained what can a person to lose weight quickly.

It is clear that subject to some type of diet body weight will decrease gradually, but what if the weight is reduced and the person has nothing to do not?

It turns out that rapid weight loss may be due to certain diseases or malfunction of certain internal organs.

The doctors pointed out causes spontaneous weight loss:

— digestive disorders and problems with digestion;

— all varieties of cancer;

— mental disorders such as anorexia and bulimia;

— an acute infectious, sexually transmitted and bacterial diseases: influenza, tuberculosis, syphilis, helminthiasis, etc.;

moral stress, when day after day the person is in a state of stress and it a priori can not be a normal appetite, which he ceases to eat a healthy diet and lose weight;

— chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in which the desire to eat something may be completely absent;

— increased energy consumption of the body when consumed less calories coming in than going out.

If you begin to notice that every day your weight is only reduced, but this is not preceded by a diet and regular exercise, then it makes sense to turn to doctors for help, to be examined and find the cause of weight loss.


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