Named brand machines that deliver the greatest pleasure to the owners

Названы марки машин, доставляющих наибольшее удовольствие владельцам

Analysts of the Russian car market in the survey, motorists have found out which cars deliver the greatest driving pleasure to their owners, reports “AUTOSTAT”.

More than the rest of their cars are praised by the owners of the British SUV Land Rover. Almost two thirds (64%) of their owners said that the car brings them pleasant emotions while driving.

Second place went to the Japanese premium brand Lexus. These machines left a good impression of 59.5% of their drivers.

The bronze was won by the German Mercedes-Benz, which like 59.3% of the owners.

The top 10 also got Swedish Volvo (57,1%), Volkswagen (56,7%), Japanese Mitsubishi (52,5%) and Korean Kia, which approves half of their owners.

The survey was conducted in November 2018 among more than 1,800 owners of cars not older than 2013 model year. In the sample were 30 represented in Russia by brands.