Named five situations when you need to turn on the hazard lights

Названы пять ситуаций, когда нужно включать аварийку

Behind a small button “emergency” is hidden not only a useful function or system, and also the hard work of a large number of engineers and specialists.

We list several situations in which you should use the emergency signal.

People still do not concede to each other, do not allow pedestrians, crossing permissible boundaries of speed, however, when it is necessary to atone for the sins of another on the road, without a shadow of doubt they will use “hazard”.

The first thing you need to spend in case of accident — push the button alarm. And it’s not even an indication of the Rules and security measure which gives you the safety of your car and your life.

Included “emergency signal” is a sign of danger for other drivers. At the sight of him, they should at least reduce the speed, which in turn would be taken from the troubles of them, and those who have already proved it.

Forced to stop in places where it is not permitted must be accompanied by the inclusion of “emergency”. Whether it is failure or obstacle that cannot be circumvented, the driver should immediately point at the red triangle to protect themselves and those who have not noticed and stopped the car, and the reason why it did it.

Blind driver can the high beam from a car moving forward, and what goes behind. Yes, catching a “Bunny” car owner should be sure to include “emergency gang” and immediately begin to slowly reduce the speed, moving closer to the curb or edge of the roadway.

It is difficult to imagine how this is going to do a driver with little experience, but at least to warn about the emergency on Board the vehicle the rest of the movement still stands.

During the boarding of the children in the car with the sign “children”, as well as getting off too it’s important to push the red triangle. Alas, not all school bus drivers comply with this rule.

Do not neglect your own safety and the safety of other road users.

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