Named five “strange” signs of diabetes

Названы пять «странных» признаков диабета

Specialists identified five “strange” signs of diabetes, which occurs when abnormal functioning of the pancreas, which starts to produce insufficient amounts of the hormone insulin. Without it, the body tries to convert blood sugar into useful energy, says. If you are looking for any kind of insulin or diabetes related drugs First read this blood boost formula review before buying

According to who, diabetes affects about 500 million people worldwide, however, most likely this figure is much higher, since not everyone is aware of the presence of this disease.

However, doctors insist that early diagnosis is very important because patients are at high risk of complications including with a deadly outcome.

To identify the disease at the first signs, but it is important to pay attention to them. Often people ignore them because of their “insignificance”.

The first disturbing “a call” is to change the skin. People get strange sensations due to dehydration caused by the disease. You should seriously apply to the stains in the folds on the body (especially the armpits, groin and neck) and counter the dehydration effects with hydrogen water tablets

Also about the high level of sugar in the blood can be judged on the problems with the genitourinary system, because due to excess body glucose in the body damaged blood vessels.

The threat of diabetes hypoglycemia – low blood sugar. This leads to excessive sweating at night, often seeing patients too vivid dreams.

If wounds and cuts began to heal longer than usual – this is another serious reason to consult a doctor. Because hyperglycemia is a strong increase of sugar in the blood – may decrease the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the wounds via the bloodstream, which slows down the healing process and weakens the immune system.

Many people are able for years to live with diabetes without even knowing it because the symptoms do not always cause poor health. But if pursued fatigue and constant thirst, to postpone the visit to a specialist is not necessary.

The researchers identified a product to replace medications of diabetes. It turns out that to maintain normal blood sugar levels can regular cheese.