Named habits that quickly “kill” smartphone

Названы привычки, которые быстро «убьют» смартфон

Experts have compiled a list of errors owners of the smartphone, which may lead to malfunctioning of the gadget. First, they recommend at least once a week for some time to disable the device for stabilizing the operation of the battery, said FAN.

In addition, experts advise to turn off Bluetooth and wifi if not needed.

In adverse weather conditions – snow, rain, temperature difference – it should refrain from the use of a smartphone due to the increased risk of exit gadget from the system.

Experts also advise not to charge to 100% smartphone and not discharge it completely. In addition, when charging try to use the “parent” device.

Useful and periodic cleaning your phone from dust.

Earlier it was reported about the experiment with the latest bendable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold. It turned out that the phone may be broken on the second day of use.