Named “most intelligent” city in the world by the end of 2017

Experts from Intel and Juniper Research has published a new rating. It became known as the city of “reasonable” in the world.

Назване «найрозумніше» місто планети за підсумками 2017 року

“Most intelligent city” of the planet recognized Singapore. Representatives of the company Juniper Research and Intel Corporation announced the results of the studies, reports Rus.Media.

Experts believe that the city-state located in Southeast Asia, has achieved success in the health care. Experts from Singapore have created a device to monitor the health status of older people. Citizens have the ability to remotely communicate with physicians.

According to the authors of the studies in Singapore and implemented a unique computer system for the improvement of the road network. Now the new technology saves up to 60 hours per year of the total time drivers.

Also introduced a surveillance system to detect violations on the roads. The police with it promptly reacts to the offense.

The second place ranking took London. Top 5 hit and three American cities – Chicago, San Francisco and new York. In Europe one of the most developed cities recognized Barcelona and Berlin.

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