Named naybilsh Privalov for tourists country Wrapi

Названо найбільш привабливі для туристів країни Європи

Middle evropeiskih countries naybilsh of prepublicity for tourists , Turkey, Portugal, Greece th Yak of the country for dochenku.About TSE SWAT results analso World Travel Monitor, pagetoload on zamovlennya Berlinsko turistichno of the exhibition, yaki yea in rosporden UKRINFORM.

“Peremogy for pers Visim months tsogo rock . perevazhno tak turistic straight, Yak, Turkey, Portugal, the Greece show,” reads in Dolce.

Also after stagnat view from the past rock Spana on today yea one iz known MSCI for dochenku Propack. Moreover, safaa print tourists in NGF 4% scho bilshe, than serednyaki pokaznyk. On prativaga this znovu shave snejanna tourist flow by 5% to Veliko Britan.

Vodnochas dozen sasia scho for pers Visim months rock propac podorozhali rdse, than torc, vodnochas of gromadyan Shane of Chastain continent Stili more.

“For pers Visim months 2019 rock pozdki Propack across the border zblizenia in total by 2.5%, that of less than TORK. Zarubin travel from shanaaz mayut more visok Tempe zrostannya, than have sahanovic”, – naznachaetsya in Dolce.

So, prist middle Polskih tourists Sklave 6%, Ceska – 5%. Natali NMC, sweetarts Nederlands podorozhali lachey on 2% more than TORK.

Anals this on osnow representative opituvannya over 500 tees. people have hope 60 Cranach world.

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