Named products that destroy stomach

Названы прoдукты, которые разрушают желудок

Long been proven that proper nutrition makes our quality of life is much higher.

First from our poor nutrition is suffering the stomach. Nutritionists once told what foods should be excluded from your diet to be healthy.

Названы прoдукты, которые разрушают желудок

First and foremost, to dangerous products nutritionists include fried foods with a crispy fried crust. Overcooked vegetable oil contain carcinogens, which have a negative impact on the body, including cause cancer. Therefore, the list of forbidden foods immediately dispatched fast food, it’s usually fried food.

Also advised not to drink too strong tea or coffee, if you drink a Cup of drink on an empty stomach or in huge volumes. I do not advise doctors to get involved and carbonated drinks because they irritate the walls of the stomach and can even lead to ulcers.

Doctors also advise to limit the use of alcohol, especially beer, champagne and other fizzy alcohol. Is only allowed a glass of dry red wine and less vodka or cognac up to 100 grams.

For those who have a weak stomach, are also advised to limit consumption of meat, especially red and fatty (lamb, pork).

The stomach is very sensitive to nervous shocks, so stress, depression and other mental disorders directly affect the health of the body. Doctors recommend to every person to protect your stomach from the youth, eat right and on time, that is at least 4 times a day, and try not to be nervous.

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