Named services, which can get a family of Moscow in the center “My documents”

Названы услуги, которые могут получить семьи Москвы в центрах «Мои документы»

Representatives of the Moscow centers of providing the state services “My documents” in honor of the Day of family, love and loyalty told about “family-friendly” services for the population, informs “Evening Moscow”.

In particular, when the birth of a new family member in the centers, you can arrange the documents “the Birth of the child.” It includes the birth certificate, the policy of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) and the insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS).

Families with many children will be able to get in the centers of the identity of the families with children and subsidies for housing and communal services. The document will be issued on the same day.

In addition, using the centers to submit the documents needed for payments in connection with the first and second child in the family.

Representatives of the centers also reported that in honor of “My documents” with the Federal registration service and capital Management the registry office staged for the couple registered their marriage on 8th-13th July. They will be able in a shorter period to issue title to the property.