Named the American howitzer in front of the Russian

Promising American howitzer M777ER designed for firing range up to 70 kilometers, surpassing in this parameter, the Russian “Msta-M2”, according to Warrior Maven.

Названо преимущество новой американской гаубицы перед российской

The new howitzer will be heavier than the previous — M777 — and get a longer barrel. “We upgrade the hole and metallurgy of the barrel, changing the hydraulics to cope with high blood pressure and use of a new rocket similar to the rocket,” — said the source publication. The modification will also affect the equipment of the cabin, the design of the valve and the new muzzle brake.

M777ER developed in the framework of the project ERCA (Extended Cannon Artillery). The program is funded by the Research engineering center armaments of the U.S. Army. Previously howitzer with a modified gun XM907 demonstrated on the proving ground, Yuma, Arizona.

Field towed 155-millimeter howitzer M777 produces British defence company BAE Systems. The mass of the artillery is 4218 pounds, for its service takes five people. The fire is guided Excalibur shell, effective firing range is about 30 kilometers, a circular error probability from the target — 5 meters.

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