Named the best film of the beginning of 2018

Назван лучший фильм начала 2018 года

The rating of the best films released in the United States.

Esquire magazine has made a rating of the best films released in the United States since the beginning of 2018. The leader of the list was a sci-Fi drama “Annihilation”.

Tape directed by Alex garland (“machine”) and Natalie Portman in the lead role, tells of an expedition group of women scientists in the anomalous zone, which appeared on Earth as a result of a meteorite. The authors of the rating called “Annihilation” best science fiction film, released for the first time in many years.

On the second line — the Thriller “You were never here,” Lynn Ramsey with Joaquin Phoenix and Catherine Samson. In third place was the drama “One love” with Andie MacDowell.

The top 10 also includes paintings from the “24 frames”, “Paranormal”, “the adventures of Paddington 2”, “nice country”, “the Black Panther” and “Isle of dogs”.

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