Named the best mobile apps for traveling

Названы лучшие мобильные приложения для путешествий

Specialists Roskoshestvo was named the best mobile apps for travel. The experts have tested 22 different programs, each of which is checked for 78 criteria, reported on the organization’s website.

Evaluated, in particular, the simplicity and ease of use, interface, functionality and the possibilities for booking tours, flights and hotels. In addition, attention was paid to search engines and filters, sorting, auto-fill data, application security, data transmission through it and other important parameters.

In the study, it was found that a quarter of the applications use insecure SSL protocols and weak encryption algorithms. It could serve as a loophole for attackers who will have the opportunity to steal passwords and user information when connecting to the Network via Wi-Fi.

However, Roskoshestvo noted that this does not make the program vulnerable. According to experts, when you connect to a non-public wireless network the risk of becoming a victim of fraud is minimized.

The results of the assessment were considered as the best application-Level Travel, Travelata and OneTwoTrip.