Named the best sedative for students

Canadian scientists published the results of new studies. Experts told why games with animals have a positive effect on health.

Названо найкраще заспокійливе для студентів

Playing with animals affect the health of the students. To such conclusion experts from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The experimental data presented in the journal Stress and Health, reports Rus.Media.

The experts analyzed the state of health of the three hundred students of one of the canadian universities before and after exams. Some study participants played with Pets before the session. As a result, these students showed the best results in examinations.

“Students rarely complained about the stress. This was observed after 10 hours after contact with dogs,” – said Emma ward-Griffin, representing the University of British Columbia.

Also, during the observations it became clear that pet care continued older people’s lives by about 10 years. This forced them to move actively. Positive emotions affect health.

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