Named the best sports car from the “dashing” 90s and early “zero”

Названы лучшие спортивные авто из «лихих» 90-х и начала «нулевых»

Specialists portal CarsWeek made a list of the most reliable and popular hypercar, which were in demand in the “dashing” 90s and early “zero”. The list includes cars that people liked both because of its appearance and because of the history of their creation.

In the first place is the Acura/Honda NSX. She left the Assembly line 16 years ago. In the time machine stand out among the masses hypercar for its reliability and productivity on the road. Under the hood lived a DOHC VTEC V6 unit with a displacement of 3.2 liters. The car gripped 290 “horses” and started from a place to hundred kilometers per hour in just 4.7 seconds. Its top speed was equal to 280 km/h.

The release of the NSX began in 1990. It was at this time the model was the debut production car with titanium connecting rods and forged pistons. Developers were inspired by the appearance of the cockpit of the F-16 Falcon, which had a 360 degree view.

In second place is another beauty from the 90’s Toyota Supra Turbo. She has a three-liter engine 2JZ-GTE with dual turbocharged supercharged. The machine can reach speeds of up to 320 horsepower.

In third place is comes from the late ‘ 90s and early “zero” Nissan Skyline. About this car wanted almost all of the boys after the screening of the film “fast and furious”. It was a variation of the Skyline GT-R V • Spec II Nur. She gave out 276 horses. A copy of this car can be seen on the streets with a mileage of more than 200 kilometers.

The fourth place Subaru Impreza 22B STi 1998 model year. It was a limited-edition version 424 of the instance. From zero to hundred kilometers per hour the car accelerates in 4.7 seconds. Because of the exclusivity the cost of the machine ranges from one hundred thousand dollars.

In fifth place is the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo. She left the Assembly line in 2003, and received in the form of a supercar, the reliability of the machine for the whole family and the practicality of a standard sedan. It is a good option for every day. Its reliability, no one raises questions. Here the engine capacity of 3.6 liters, generating up to 415 HP

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