Named the date of the vote on impkmentation

Названа дата голосования по импичментуТрампа

The U.S. Congress

In the House of representatives expect to vote on the matter of impeachment until the end of the year to January-up the matter with the Senate.

The democratic majority in the House of representatives plans to hold a General vote before the Christmas holidays to the new year began consideration of the case by the Senate. About it writes on Friday, November 8, the American edition of the Hill, citing statements by legislators from the Democratic party.

“Democrats in the House of representatives are working hard to finish my historical investigation against the President of the trump to the beginning of 2020, potentially trying to hold a climactic vote for impeachment before Christmas” – the newspaper said.

This States that the Democrats have already held a number of important hearings and signaled the end of this phase of closed testimony, authorities released thousands of pages of declassified transcripts. Now they move on to “phase two” – public hearings to inform about the nature of the investigation the American public.

“Next week, Democrats will hold the first public hearings broadcast on the results of their almost seven-week investigation concerning the impeachment by calling the three career diplomats, who have already confirmed that trump, his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and their accomplices brazenly sought a “service for service” from Ukraine”, – notes the edition.

Plans to hold a vote on the impeachment of the President in the lower house of Congress confirmed a member of the Intelligence Committee, Congressman Danny heck.

“I think without haste, but again, without delay and competently, the House of representatives have set a goal to deal with this in intelligence, international and legal committees, and to hold a General vote before Christmas,” said the Congressman from the democratic party.

As reported, the investigation into the impeachment of U.S. President Donald trump was initiated by the Democrats in the House of representatives in late September. To eliminate from the post of head of the White house, the lower house of Congress must garner support from at least 50% plus one vote of Congress. At the same time, the Senate needs to recruit more than two thirds of American legislators.

Previously released transcripts of the testimony of some witnesses. In particular, the eve was published the transcript of Alexander Windman, who was present during the conversation with trump Zelensky.

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