Named the five best summer tricks for drivers

Названы пять лучших летних хитростей для водителей

In anticipation of the summer season auto experts compiled a list of driving tricks that will help motorists feel comfortable in the hot season and reduce the risks to the operation of the vehicle, according to “Motorsports day”.

First and foremost, experts recommend to always have a supply of water. With a long stay in traffic the car engine may overheat, which may cause boiling and loss of coolant. The water will help temporarily fix the problem.

Not less than, it is crucial to maintain the air conditioning system. Experienced drivers are advised to check the air in the spring: hot summer motorists turn on the air conditioning at full capacity and it is in this mode of operation is serviced by the air-cooling system often breaks down.

Following the recommended time to change the tyres according to the season. In the summer, winter tires increases stopping distances, impairs the safety on turns and wears out quickly.

Along with rubber mechanics advise to change the engine oil in summer must be filled with a thicker fluid so that the engine does not overheat, and in winter – on the contrary, to use oil liquid consistency.

Finally, the experts recommend to put under the windshield sun screens if placed in the sun. Prolonged heating of the interior may cause fire. In addition, it will allow to avoid excessive heat inside the car.