Named the five most common myths about diesel engines

Названы пять самых распространенных мифов о дизельных двигателях

Auto dispelled five of the most common myths about diesel engines. Misconceptions relate, in particular parameters such as environmental friendliness, efficiency and dynamism.

One such prejudice is the increased pollution from diesel engines. Modern vehicles are equipped with particulate filters that do not allow the exceedance of the allowable emissions. In addition, emissions of hydrocarbons in diesel engines are reduced by more complete combustion of the working mixture.

Some motorists believe that diesel cars are bad start at low temperatures. However, such machines installed block heater, and additives in the fuel do not allow the fuel to turn into a paraffin.

Another misconception related to dynamic diesel engines. Due to the installation of turbochargers, typical for these cars, their driving characteristics are not inferior to petrol, and the increased torque allows you to accelerate faster.

Diesel engines also unreasonably considered more economical. Currently, the price of diesel fuel is only slightly inferior to gasoline, and the maintenance and repair of such units is always more expensive.

Another superstition concerns the noise of the diesel units, based on the fact that the working mixture is ignited not by a spark, and compression. However, new vehicles are equipped with high-tech injection systems of mixture that allows the motor to operate quietly.