Named the highest paid Ukrainian actor

“He replaced the Mortar”.

Названий найбільш високооплачуваний український актор

People’s artist of Ukraine Stanislav Boklan was nivicolous actor of the country according to the Ukrainian producers and casting Directors. Stas Boklan – star of “the Guide”, “Age of Jacob” and the series “servant of the people”, reports Rus.Media.

Well-known theater critic and arts columnist Oleg Verges said in his comments that Boklan has replaced Bogdan Stupka.

Названий найбільш високооплачуваний український актор

“After Bohdan Stupka our movie really is demand for such personality — clever, ironic, philosophical, charismatic” – he stressed.

In addition, according to experts, in the list of high-paying domestic actors Sergey Strelnikov, Dmitry Surzhikov, Alexei Tritenko, Vitaly Salii, Rimma zyubina, Irma Vitovskaya, Anatoly Hostikoev, Natalia Sumska, Olga Sumska, Bogdan Benyuk, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Vladimir Goryansky, Alexander Shevchenko, Andrey Saminin, Valeria Khodos and Mila Sivaca.

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