Named the main reason of mortality of women in Russia

Названа основная причина смертности женщин в России

Women of working age in Russia often die from cancer. So, in 2017 from tumors died 23.8% of Russians, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to data of the Ministry of health.

On the second place – illnesses of system of blood circulation, they become the cause of death of 22.9% of women. External causes (road accidents and accidents) claimed the lives of 19.2% of Russians.

According to Ministry of health, in 2017, the mortality rate of women of working age amounted to CAD 209.4 per 100 thousand people. Compared with 2016, the figure was down 6.9%.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia the death rate of men of working age decreased by 18% in six years. According to the Deputy head of the Ministry of health of Russia Oleg Salaga, this indicator is closely linked to risk factors such as alcohol, Smoking and low physical activity.