Named the most affordable electric vehicles for the Ukrainians

Seven most affordable electric vehicles in Ukraine.

Названо найбільш доступні електромобілі для українців

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By 2020, Ukraine plans to increase the number of electric cars by 15%.

To achieve this goal for the Ukrainian buyers of electric vehicles the government promises to impose subsidies and to pass VAT, excise tax and fees to the Pension Fund.

One of the most cheap is the Smart Fortwo EV with a power reserve of 170 km. Mikroavto accelerates to 125 km/h and is 297 thousand UAH.

Under the order, the Ukrainians can buy Tazzari Zerro (the cost on one of the specialized sites — EcoElectro — starts from 378 thousand UAH.). This Italian car has a maximum speed of 100 km/h and cruising range 140 km

The French Renault Zoe can accelerate to 135 km/h and drive on a single charge 210 km price — from 455,3 thousand UAH.

Another French electric car Citroen Saxo Electric is a bit expensive — 483,3 thousand UAH. But has a power reserve of 120 km and accelerates to 90 km/h.

Renault five-seat Fluence ZE can travel on a single charge of 160 miles, and its maximum speed is 135 km/h and cost from 487,2 thousand UAH.

One of the most popular electric car Nissan Leaf — costs from 495 thousand UAH. On a single charge it can travel about 200 km and can accelerate to 145 km/h.

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