Named the most common causes of chest pain in women

Названы самые распространенные причины боли в груди у женщин

It is important to pay attention to the problem.

Chest pain is a frequent symptom, especially women of reproductive age. According to experts, about 70% of women experience breast pain at some period of his life, but only about 15% of them need treatment.

The severity and location of chest pain can vary depending on the underlying cause. The pain may affect both the Breasts and the underarm.

Breast cyst

Sometimes changes of the mammary ducts or glands can lead to the formation of cysts. Breast cyst usually feels like soft or hard lump in the breast. Sometimes a cyst of the breast may cause pain. These cysts usually shrink or disappear after menopause.


Some medications may contribute to chest pain. Such drugs include:

Drugs affecting the reproductive hormones;
Some drugs for treatment of mental diseases;
Drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Breast surgery

Any operations conducted on the chest, can cause pain. This may be the result of nerve damage or inflammation. The pain may occur on the surface or in the depth of the chest. The long-term consequences of surgery can include:

Increased sensitivity;
Pain when touching the damaged area;
Decreased sensitivity and numbness;
Inability to raise arm above the head.


Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage connecting the ribs and chest. When costochondritis the pain may be felt in the region of the breast. The condition commonly affects women and people over 40 years.

Fibrocystic disease

Fibrocystic disease can cause pain and swelling. It is also possible the selection of the nipples. This condition is not dangerous for health and does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Most often this condition affects women aged 20 to 50 years.


Most often this condition occurs when breastfeeding, but it can occur at other times. Other symptoms of mastitis include fever, muscle pain, fatigue, redness, swelling and pain.

A poorly fitting bra

Chest pain can occur due to incorrectly sized bra. The bra must be the right size and well supported Breasts.

Breast cancer

In most cases, breast cancer does not cause pain. However, inflammatory breast cancer and some types of tumors can cause pain and discomfort in the chest. You should go to the doctor when you see these symptoms:

Education in the chest;
Pain or education of chest, which do not disappear after menstruation;
Any discharge from the nipples;
Unexplained chest pain;
symptoms associated with infection of the breast, such as redness, pus or fever.


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