Named the most dangerous alcoholic beverages which did not erode

Названы самые опасные алкогольные напитки, которые долго не выветриваются

Driving while under the influence impossible. But, some motorists still sit at the “wheel” after a while after drinking alcohol, the belief that alcohol is already being eroded, and no harm from it.

However, alcohol alcohol strife. Experts have called the most treacherous spirits, the effect of which persists for a long time.

So, for the longest time are removed from the body such spirits as vodka, brandy, whiskey and rum. Experts say that after eating only 100 grams of vodka the withdrawal of alcohol from the body will last about 5-7 hours. When large amounts of alcohol consumed, the duration of the output will be about 11-20 hours.

Названы самые опасные алкогольные напитки, которые долго не выветриваются

With all the variety of alcoholic beverages, you need to be careful in choosing
When taking 50 ml of brandy, the alcohol will be displayed for about 4 hours. If drinking a whole bottle, then alcohol will be almost a day depending on your body.

Long leave the body of the rum and whiskey. You must know that when drinking 0.5 liters of these drinks, the alcohol will remain in the blood for a period of from 15 to 32 hours.
Longer than any of his colleagues in the body can be absent. On average, this drink is excreted after 24 -32 hours.

There are ways to speed up withdrawal of spirits from the body. Experts in such cases are advised to drink a lot of water and move more. Walks in the fresh air and drink plenty of liquids (mineral water, juice, herbal teas) can help to speed the decay products of alcohol.

But still experts say that planning holidays and feast it in such a way that it was time to restore the body after alcohol consumption. And, most importantly, do not rush to get behind the wheel. The car can wait, but the risk can be fatal.

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