Named the most dangerous alcoholic drinks

Названы самые опасные алкогольные напитки

Port and sherry are drinks that lead to rapid intoxication and cause a massive hangover. According to scientist from University of Brighton Hal Sosabowski, quoted by the Daily Mail, those sweet and with a high ethanol content 20-degree drinks are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and immediately make you drunk.

According to the scientist, despite the fact that whiskey and vodka are more strong drinks because of their high degree they are absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream because they repress the activity of cells of the stomach.

“It all depends on the concentration, explains Sosabowski. – Strength beer is about five degrees, and you need to drink much to get drunk. At the other end of the spectrum, a 40-proof whiskey. But in the middle of the scale – sherry and port – the best way to get drunk very quickly. The fortress is at 20 degrees does not interfere with their absorption by the body”.

Expert warns against the habit of drink water a strong 40-degree drink. “You should be careful with water you dilute the strong drink to those same fateful 20 degrees,” – said the scientist.

He also strongly recommended not to drink a pint of beer (568 ml) of whiskey, “because you immediately turn chetyrehjadernyj a drink in 10-degree”.

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