Named the most deceptive human quality

Названы самые обманчивые человеческие качества

Reddit users discussed the human qualities, of which they often imitate. In a few hours the thread has received over five thousand comments and almost 15 thousand likes.Most “deceptive” personal quality was confidence. The user Chogisoo admitted that in fact the absence of self-esteem he manages to seem a natural leader. “I just don’t like to ask for help or to bother others, so all appreciate me, despite the fact that it’s all a facade,” he said.Agreed with him DntMindMeImNtRlyHere, noticing that everyone around always admire her, while she is constantly experiencing a terrible inner fear. “Inside me the tears flow, because I’m worried about what all of this means that I need to do now and I just want to cry,” she explained. The woman likened himself to a crazy eccentric lady aloud, she said, she always calmly responds that can do everything.The user-Infamous admitted that it seems secretive, as he does not manifest the negative. He explained that his disturbing moments break out only when he drinks a lot. In this case, he said aloud what was troubling him, scaring your friends with your mental state. User PM_Me_Right_Tits noticed that his beach is strained patience. “Internally I’m screaming for you to hurry. Outside I say: “Not-e-e-e-em, all right. Take your time””, — he explained.Many users have noticed that they often have to portray any kind of emotion, to meet the expectations of outsiders and to create the impression that they are sensitive people. For example, Callalilly45 confessed that he always reciprocates recognition of tender feelings, or phrases like “I miss you”, despite the fact that there is nothing like experiencing. He was supported by other commentators, noting that I never could understand how it feels to miss the person.

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