Named the most popular brand for Italian motorists

Названы самые популярные марки у итальянских автомобилистов

Experts shared information on sales in the automotive market of Italy last month.

According to Italian Association of car manufacturers, in October the country was sold 156 851 new car.

This result is 6.7% better than last year over the same period.

This situation is largely due to low sales last year when the EU came into force new rules of certification of cars.

If to speak about intermediate results of the year, by the end of the first 10 months of the Italians bought 1 624 922 new cars, which is 0.9% lower than a year earlier.

The most popular brand remains local Fiat of your choice on it stopped 21 487 Italians. Fiat retains the lead, despite the decline in sales of 4.7%. In second place is the German Volkswagen, which increased its sales by 8.4% to 16 890 PCs.

“Bronze” rating receives American Ford with a score of 10 772 cars sold (+1.6 percent). Completing the TOP 5 two French brands – Peugeot (9772 units, +9.2 percent) and Renault (8 368 units, +11,2%).

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