Named the most popular cars on the French market

Названы самые популярные автомобили на французском рынке

Specialists shared information on sales of new cars in the French market.

Last month in France were sold 172 734 new machine.

And in the period from January to the end of November their number has already exceeded 2 million, which is virtually identical to the result of the past year.

Speaking about the manufacturers, the sales of the PSA group was 54 503 copies, which is 7% less than last year’s result for the same period.

This figure provides the group share of 31% of total sales.

On Renault cars, the choice was stopped 32 617 residents of France. Renault showed excellent dynamics in the native market plus 27%.

The most popular foreign brand was Volkswagen, whose cars have sold 23 959 units (+8%). In the model ranking leadership was captured by a compact hatchback Peugeot 208, which last month sold in 4 656 instances.

Second and third places went to the representatives of Renault. The Sandero hatchback bought 3 767 times, the model Clio stopped their choice 3 201 a resident of France.

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