Named the most popular Chinese smartphones

Названы самые популярные не китайские смартфоны

What smartphones produced in the Eastern part of the globe occupy a leading position in the mobile market – the theme of this article. We will tell you who and why deserves this status.


The company from Taiwan continues to recommend itself as a manufacturer of quality smartphones. Its model is Excellent 6 is about 15 thousand UAH. The owner receives a “stone” 885 Snapdragon processor, six gigs of RAM, dual camera, battery with 5,000 mAh and swivel selfie-camera.


In 2019, the company’s flagship was LG ThinQ G8. He is spoken of as an underrated product, and most of it is. This is a 6-inch OLED screen, a sensor for ToF cameras, infrared module and an attractive price – 12 thousand UAH. Besides, a reader of biometric data.


The South Korean company listed the following models – Galaxy S10, “E” and “Plus” as well as a modification of the Note 10. The last device is notable for the support of “air gestures”, a universal stylus, and a relatively small price – 32-36 thousand UAH. Speaking about the standard “tens” – is a cute design, non-standard location selfie-camera (right, top), wide-angle lens and a cost of 16 to 29 thousand UAH.


The production of this apparatus is entirely in Japan. Perhaps this fact is one of the main. However, his model Xperia is display 6.5 inch with support for 4K (21:9), which is recognized as one of the best for watching movies. The price of the gadget is about 20 thousand UAH. It is necessary to clarify and significant drawback of the device – small parameters of autonomy.


This, of course 11 about version iPhone. Three smartphones this year are popular because of the excellent performance of the cameras. Other features is also at altitude, however, the American manufacturer added to this list in the following fact – the production of Apple smartphones do Chinese factories.

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