Named the most popular purchases among Russians this spring

Названы самые популярные покупки у россиян этой весной

Experts have told that the Russians bought most often this spring, reports RT. The study was conducted by the operator’s fiscal data “Platform of the CRF and Geointellekt”.

The most popular goods at this time of the year was sports. Compared to last spring, the number of purchases increased by more than 30%. Most often it is sneakers, sweatpants and t-shirts.

Also in the list of electronics and gadgets. In this segment, sales rose by 16%. The Russians chose smartphones, headphones, “smart watches” and clocks.

Not inferior to the popularity of the goods for construction and garden and commercial needs, they began to buy 14% more. Most popular in this category construction and gardening tools, paint products, wood boards.

According to analysts, these products are popular with Russians because of the convenience of ordering them online.