Named the most popular Russian cars in the first quarter of 2019

Названы самые популярные в России машины в первом квартале 2019 года

Auto experts have compiled a list of the most popular cars in Russia in the first quarter of 2019. Experts noted that the car won first place in the list, kept the lead for four months, reports “AUTOSTAT”.

Topped the rating of the Russian Lada Granta. She has overtaken the leader of last month – Lada Vesta with a score of 28.6 thousand of sold cars, which is 39% higher than the same period last year. “Grant” has also been the best selling car in the country from November 2018 and February 2019.

Vesta took second place with a score of 27,8 thousand cars per year improving by 15%.

The three of leaders was closed by the Korean Kia Rio, which sold 22.3 thousand copies, but last year it was better by 13%.

Top 5 short Korean Hyundai and Creta Solaris sold is 16.7 and 14.2 thousand vehicles, respectively. However, if the marketability of the “Crete” increased by 6%, “Solaris” lost 2%.

In the top ten also included the Volkswagen Polo (11.8 thousand), LADA Largus (9.4 thousand), Renault Duster (8.3 thousand), Toyota Camry (8.3 thousand) and Skoda Rapid (8 thousand).